The Mythology Project is a meeting place for myths, legends and folktales from around the world.

The Project is an endeavour to create a space that preserves and nurtures this immeasurable intangible inheritance, and offer a platform that encourages debate and discussion on its influence on us as people and our understanding of the world around us. It will shine a light on the manner and form in which ancient cultures nourished themselves, through stories, songs, poetry, craft and performing arts—through the legacy that lives on in among us.

While being located within India and focused on its vast heritage of myth and folklore, the Project will not be exclusive to the region. It will work to uncover the intricate web of likenesses and variances that create a criss-cross of connections throughout the global, imagined landscape of our past.

The Project understands the past as an inheritance that goes beyond monuments and statues, as one that is manifest in myriad forms that seep into the routine existence of the present. Our aim is dig into this rich cultural stockpile, piecing together the puzzle of our existence through archival collections, by researching living myths and traditions and conducting public lectures, workshops and courses for adults and children.

“To tell a story is to discover or reveal a secret”- A.K.Ramanujan

Our Team

Utkarsh Patel  

Utkarsh Patel is a corporate-professional-turned-mythologist and author of “Shakuntala – The Woman Wronged”, published by Rupa Publications, and “Satyavati”, a published by Readify & Kautilya Books, and “Kannaki’s Anklet”, published by Indus Source. He is a lecturer of Comparative Mythology at the University of Mumbai and has qualifications in Mythology, both Indian and World from Mumbai University.

He co-founded Talking Myths Project in 2015-16 and was involved with its development as an archive of myths, folktales and other stories from the Indian subcontinent.

Utkarsh is a TEDx speaker and also a regular speaker and lecturer on varying subjects of mythology and other topics, at various forums, litfests, organisations and colleges. Along with Saregama he has launched a digital channel and a YouTube channel called Mythology Comes Alivewhere he narrates stories from the mythologies of the world

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Arundhuti Dasgupta Singhal

Author, blogger and journalist with one of the leading financial dailies in the country, Arundhuti has a post graduate degree in economics and a diploma in Comparative Mythology.

Currently Arundhuti writes on a range of topics for her newspaper apart from a monthly column called Mythic Mantra that explores the many points of intersection between the world of myths and culture and the present socio-economic and political landscape.

 She has published two books so far, The Weretiger: Stories of the Supernatural (released in the year 2002) by Penguin India and Spooked: Stories of the Supernatural (released in the year 2004) by Puffin India. The books were a collection of original stories that dealt with folklore about ghosts, magic and mystery.

She regularly conducts public lectures on myth and folklore and has spoken at various platforms on a range of topics.

She co-founded Talking Myths Project in 2015-16 and was involved with its development as an archive of myths, folktales and other stories from the Indian subcontinent.